About The Seborrheic Dermatitis Blog

After nearly 20 years (!!!) of struggling with seborrheic dermatitis on my face and/or my scalp, I decided to finally start taking this annoying skin problem seriously. I dove into the sea of information on the Internet . . . and was surprised with how shallow the pool was! There’s the basic medical info, sure. And some forums where people discuss their problems and solutions for seborrheic dermatitis. But not nearly as much content as I expected. I decided to start my own site that would share my personal experiences with seborrheic dermatitis, reviews of products, a collection of all possible treatments and news or information that relates. Please join in the conversation with questions, suggestions and your personal skin story.

Start here for the basic info on seborrheic dermatitis

And here is my personal skin story. Here is how I treat my dandruff and here is how I treat my facial SD.

Important Note: I am not a dermatologists, doctor, nurse, cosmetologist, esthetician, or any other kind of skin expert. I am just a girl with flaky, red, itchy, sensitive skin. This is not a medical site, so please talk to your doctor before trying any treatment or self-diagnosing. 

11 thoughts on “About The Seborrheic Dermatitis Blog

  1. Hi, I have suffered from this condition since puberty. It affects my face and scalp. TGel controls the dandruff, but only steroids were controlling my face in the end. I got desperate and went to a naturopath. Previous naturopaths had tried osteopathy and acupuncture neither of which worked. I found one who advertised his interest in skin conditions. Well, I can only say that I do agree that there is no cure, but I have controlled my dermatitis completely without any medication (except for the dandruff, which although greatly reduced, still persists without the TGel). I was taken off a lot of the usual dietary culprits, wheat, dairy (but not butter), gluten, and I am now in control. If I do break my diet, I know what to expect, but it’s not a massive breakout and I can put a little steroid on if I want to but it’s cleared regardless within a couple of days if I go back on the wagon anyway. I was told by skin specialists that there was no cure and that is true of course, but they only offered the usual creams. This naturopath has as good as cured me. I feel so liberated, and although I drink almond milk instead of cows’ milk etc etc, I consider it a small price to pay for clear skin. I use Caroline’s Cream from Western Australia as a moisturiser and cleanser because it’s beautiful on my skin and the only product that didn’t irritate me, but it’s the diet that has given me the results I was led to believe I could never have. I really encourage sufferers to try it.


  2. Hey folks. I used this this blog when searching for a cure for my mild SB. After reading various forums, trying diets and an untold list of creams and washing/not washing my face tests, I read that Sebclair worked. I found it online in the UK and used it for two days. It was my miracle cure.

    I use the shampoo as face wash twice a day and the cream once a day. The flaking has disappeared and my skin is no longer red or itchy. I spent a long time looking and was dubious about the reviews but after two or three years of suffering, this completely sorted my SB out.



  3. Hi, I love your blog. Thanks for all this super helpful information. What type of makeup works best on your skin? I have been using the Clinique redness solutions, and so far it works well. Much better than the products from the derm.


    1. Hi, sorry so long for my reply! My life went nuts for a few months. I also like the Clinique redness solution, except the powder doesn’t look great if your skin is flaring up and very flaky. Avoid all powder-type stuff when flaky! I plan on really digging into the makeup issue because it is NOT addressed online much at all. Even makeup artists aren’t sure what to do! My best tip is using good moisturizer and following up with a layer of primer! I’ve tried the expensive Smashbox primer, the moderately priced Maybeline Baby Face primer and the cheap Monistat Chafing Gel (yes it seems like a weird thing to put on your face but trust me, it’s a THING, I’m not making it up) and they are literally all the same. But they work great at sort of “sealing in” the weird bumpy, flaky issues of seb derm.


  4. Hi,

    I hope you are well. I came across your blog and would like to invite you to join our skin conditions discussion: https://www.facebook.com/groups/868764729845522/

    Here is a little detail about what we are trying to achieve:

    Skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema and seborrhoeic dermatitis are widespread. Although many of the visible symptoms are now treatable, their impact can often lead to deeper physical, psychological and social difficulties. While some people go about their daily lives with no concerns whatsoever, for others, it’s not as easy. This focus group is to allow people with mild to severe skin conditions to share their experiences, impart advice and tips and talk about how they manage their conditions and how it makes them feel. Please feel free to post images and comments – this is a closed group and we will not share your private information without prior agreement.

    I hope this is something you find interesting and would like to get involved in.
    Thank you,



  5. Hi
    I have facial and scalp seborrheic dermatitis diagnosed by a dermatologist a year ago. I followed his plan of using hydrocortisone on my face and washing it with Cetaphil cleanser without results for literally months. It was beginning to spread. It’s on my forehead, nose and chin. I tried everything. Nothing helped until I read this blog and purchased a Clairisonic Mia four days ago. I stared using it lightly on my face twice daily using Simple face wash. I then apply Cetaphil oil control face wash to my T zone and rub gently and rinse with cool water. I then pat dry and apply Simple lotion heavily. Immediate results. Dermatitis almost completely gone. I’ve added Eucerin cream for the redness now and apply Simple lotion over that. My face is happy at last. I can’t thank this blogger enough!


    1. Aw, this makes me so happy! Glad you are finding something that works for you. Remember that with SD, you might have to change up the routine now and again so don’t be disappointed if what works now needs tweaking in the future. Best of luck!


  6. Hi everyone! My son has a SEVERE seborrhic dermatitis all over his body, He is 3 months old, as a mother its painful for me looking at him everyday only his eyes is not affected, I even resigned form my work just to give my full time taking care of him… I tried everything olive oil,coconut oil, bioderma,calamine, sudocream, anti fungal ointment also.. to male the story short Iam encouraging everyone to use guava leaves boil with plain water to washing your body and BL cream its chinese cream you can in chinese drug store and its cheap less than 50 pesos, in gods will it will cure your SB.


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